I'm Artemis Fay! I write romance of the distinctly male variety. My series Lovers in Japan is launching November 2016 with Flight Partners, and I don't know about you, but I'm so ready for it.

So who are you?

I grew up in rural Ohio, which naturally meant that as soon as I was in university, I decided that getting as far away as possible was necessary. I moved to Japan for a year to study the language, and ended up majoring in the blasted place and spending three more years there teaching English first at an eikaiwa and later a daycare.

These days I live in Ohio once again, but with a husband I picked up in Japan. Here I write novels by day and teach ESL by night, and read all the MM romance I can get my hands on. What can I say, it's a tough life.

How many books will Lovers in Japan have?

I have ideas for four books, at least, but for now let's say three for sure. Flight Partners will be out in November, and a standalone sequel not too long after.